About Alicia

First and foremost, I'm a Christian, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, endeavoring to live in obedience to Him, and expectantly waiting for His coming.

After that, I'm:




A little bit more about me:

A New Englander by birth, I love woodland trails, craggy seas, and misty mountains. I grew up expecting to find Narnia through my closet but, alas, was always disappointed to find a solid wall every time I checked. (Ah, well, there are other ways into Narnia in the world of Men...) My life has always incorporated reading and writing creatively, thanks to my mother's godly wisdom.

My educational background lies in Mass Communications and History, and God has blessed me with interesting adventures in independent filmmaking, restaurant management, freelance writing, children's theatre direction, and small business ownership. Nowadays, you can find me typing away at my latest story, cleaning my pug's facial folds, or possibly baking black-bean brownies.

Interested in hosting me for an interview for your blog, etc.?
I'm always happy to consider interview requests, and I love to visit others at their blogs! Just e-mail me through the "Contact" form on the home page of this blog. :-)

I'd love to get to know you better, reader! :-) Here are some places you and I can visit (all clickable links):



  1. Love your about page..."cleaning my pug's facial folds" totally cracked me up! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Mom's Morning Coffee!

  2. Fun to meet you Alicia! You sound like a delight! Sometimes I SO WISH I could jump through the computer and meet other bloggers face-to-face (though, since I often blog in my pajamas that might be a bit awkward) ;) Anyway, looking forward to reading some of your posts! :)

  3. So lovely to "meet you" today through Thought-Provoking Thursday! :)

  4. Another Communications and History buff! I knew I liked you ;)

  5. Hi, i just ran onto your blog through goodreads. Impressive list of books---both read and written. Feel free to check out my blog at http://www.mymomentoftruth.org/

  6. I know our church would benefit from a copy or two in their library. I loved the book myself!


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