Friday, November 27, 2015

Hurray! It's a Christmas ~ Softcover ~ Sale! :-)

You asked for it, friends! :-)

A CHRISTMAS SOFTCOVER SALE on the A Time of Grace books, perfect for gift-giving!

From November 27 through December 19, both softcovers of The Fragrance of Geraniums AND All Our Empty Places will be on sale for less than $10 each OR for less than $20 for both!

This offer is available only through Amazon:

(If you’d like autographs for your copies, please feel free to contact me!)

Grace and peace,


Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Release Day! Mr. Portly Finds His Purpose

“Come on, Mr. Portly,” the Lady said. “You can do it!”
“Can I?” he thought glumly. “Aren’t Pugs Useless, after all?”

Many of you have been waiting for this day for some time! Thanks for being patient with me and for cheering me on as I navigated the tricky (for me!) waters of children's book formatting. What a true delight it is to present to you this new title today!

When Miss Cat-Next-Door informs Mr. Portly the Pug that he is Useless, Mr. Portly is heartbroken. He decides to find out for himself whether or not the Cat is telling the truth...and discovers that everyone - even the most seemingly-useless among us - has worth.
A sweet and encouraging read-aloud story for children, the childlike, and all pug-lovers!
This book is available in paperback only, and it is currently available exclusively through Amazon. My hope is that sharing and reading it with your children or grandchildren will bless you with sarcasm-free, humorous enjoyment that also encourages each of us to be thankful for the worth God with which our Creator has endowed us. :-) 

Find MR. PORTLY FINDS HIS PURPOSE here (clickable link):

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Grace and peace,

Friday, November 13, 2015

When Thanksgiving Becomes Thanksliving

It's the month of thankfulness in the United States. Driving today, I saw signs on everything from churches to businesses proclaiming, "Give thanks!"

And I should. I have so much.

I think of Christians in China, severely beaten for owning a non-state-regulated copy of the Scriptures, and my heart sinks to know how paltry is my own gratefulness for having not one but several copies of God's saving Word and for not being beaten for possessing them.

I think of Christians in North Korea, torn from their families for life - for *life* - and brutally worked to death in labor camps. And I remember how quickly my "thank You for my family" turns into frustration when serving them in some way interrupts my plans.

I think of street preachers in the UK and in Canada, fined beyond their means for proclaiming the full, naturally-offensive message of the Gospel -- because we must know how lost we are before we can be found. And my mind recollects how often I've secretly desired to store up treasures on earth.

And I wonder...

On Thursday, November 26th, 2015, I'll sing songs of praise to God, thanking Him from Whom all blessings flow. I'll pray and ask for God's blessing on our beautiful meal, my dear family. I'll spend time basking in the delightfulness of the Father God's mercies and grace, poured out in so many tangible and intangible ways.

And this is right and good.

But my thanksgiving *must* overflow daily in thanks-living - in the deliberate giving back of myself in thanksgiving to God, as a living sacrifice on His altar.

And if it doesn't overflow?

Then I have to ask: Is it real? Is it true thankfulness - or is it just a happy feeling that I have nice stuff and nice people around me who make me feel good?

May God change our hearts more and more to beat like His - that He would take my thankfulness and yours, that He would convert it in us to living utterly for Him, day-by-day, living out our thanks to Him.

Grace and peace,

Friday, November 6, 2015

First Friday: November 2015

What a month of activity October was! :-) From helping my dear sister and her family move halfway across the country to finishing up the launch of All Our Empty Places, October fairly bulged with hustle-and-bustle. But here I am, in one piece :-) -- and looking forward to what this new month holds.

What am I looking forward to in November? 
What am I doing now?

Scents: The new sharpness in the air as the last leaves drift from the trees / the smell of roasting turkey and pumpkin pie / the dusty odor of the earth as we finish tucking our gardens and yard to bed for the winter.
Sounds: The late fall rains against the window panes / the melodies of hymns our family sings at Thanksgiving / the happy laugh of the robin when he lands in our bare crab-apple tree
Sights: The joyful, well-loved faces around our holiday table / filled boxes for Operation Christmas Child (click to find out more) / the clear skies of a late autumn night

Bible: I'm reading the Book of Judges - written so long ago, yet with messages so pertinent to my life today.
Books: I'm still reading Gold by Moonlight (taking my time to mine it well) and am also reading Living Water by Brother Yun, a Chinese house-church pastor and survivor of intense persecution. His book is truly excellent - Every Christian should read it. Expect to hear more about this one soon. :-)
Writing: I finished up the main work for "the pug book" -- Some of you may remember that I ran into severe formatting issues last year with it and never finished it. Well, I decided to try again :-) and am happy to say that this little fun read-aloud about a pug who *thought* that he was useless should be ready for release within a few weeks, Lord willin' and the crick don't rise. :-)
I'm also working with intensity on A Time of Grace Book 3. If I come to your mind, would you keep my writing on this one in your prayers? Thank you! <3

What are you looking forward to, friends? :-)

Grace and peace through Him who died for us,