Friday, July 25, 2014

If You Want to Make God Laugh ...

... tell Him your plans. So says the main character in one of my favorite movies, Bella.

This is a true statement. Definitely for me. Perhaps for us all?

I, for one, am nowhere near where I thought I'd be ten years ago.

You know, to a tenacious teenager, life seemed pretty clear-cut: God had placed a desire in my heart for a particular career. Certainly, my path would be free of any obstacles that would slow me down. I wasn't silly enough to think that there would be no difficulties ... just no roadblocks.

My far-wiser-than-me sister warned me. "God might have you wait a few years. Sometimes, that's how God works."

Surely not, thought I, even as I sagely nodded. Surely God would take into account my deep desire to accomplish this for Him and give wings to my heels. {This plan did not include writing novels, though I've always loved to write. :-)}

Well. There were roadblocks. There were detours. Let it suffice to say, there were also many tears. And that "final goal" seems to be quite far-off yet.

But it's all {for} good.

Because HE is all good.

And because, ever so slowly, two-steps-forward, one-step-back, I am learning that "final goal" ... isn't the Real Goal.

Christ is.

So despite my sinful whining ...

Amidst my continued hope that He has indeed placed this desire in my heart ...

I can trust Him who "doeth all things well."

"A man's heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his steps."

Proverbs 16:9 {nkjv}

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  1. That is so very true!!! The biggest mistake we make when we wonder what good God is creating in our lives, is when we assume that "good" means our pleasure. It's true, our pleasure normal does factor in at some point, and He does make a habit of giving us our pleasure from time to time. But our good is not our pleasure, but His glory. And when we make His glory our pleasure, it's easier to see our hardships as being used for good. Sanctification always brings glory to Christ, and sanctification is often brought through trials.
    I have a similar story. I started off on one career path and knew I was destined for it. I didn't figure on anything interfering with my plans. They were after all sound, and God had gifted me in this area. I came across a suggestion that changed my life. I was told to pray for God to take out of my heart my desires for myself and to replace it with His desires for me. Over time, I noticed my desires shifting from what I knew I wanted to truly being content where God placed me, even when it was a far cry from my original desire. As the years passed, God did bring one of my original desires to come to pass and it's a blessing to this very day. Even more years passed before He led me on a path to becoming a published author. I never thought I wanted something like this and it's vastly different than my first career choice, but every day I write, I know I'm fulfilling His plans for me and nothing can feel greater than this! Even still, my pathway would be littered with road blocks and detours that I hadn't planned. Even though I couldn't see the purpose behind the trials at the time, looking back reveals the areas I've grown in and then I'm reminded that my purpose all along was to bring Him glory. Walking through fire has given me a patience I never had, greater foundation of trust and understanding, and a testimony that glorifies Him.


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