Sunday, March 15, 2015

Book Release Spotlight: Ifeoma Samuel & "My 30-Days' Journey to a Fulfilled Life"

I first "met" Ifeoma Samuel through some blogs that we both frequented. Her desire to honor the Lord and to encourage others to do the same through her writing really shone as admirable to me. 

Back in mid-winter, Ifeoma let me know that she planned to release her first book - a devotional entitled My 30-Days' Journey to a Fulfilled Life - and that she wished me to design an e-book cover for her. What a delight! Today is the release day for her devotional, and, while I haven't read it, it has already received some lovely reviews from bloggers such as Nathana Clay {CLICK HERE TO READ} and Juana Mikels {CLICK HERE TO READ}.

The Book: My 30-Days' Journey to a Fulfilled Life by Ifeoma Samuel

Description: There is more to living or merely existing. Are you living a fulfilled life? Can you live that fulfilled life you desire?There is no fulfillment outside Christ Jesus. This is an inspirational devotional book that takes you on an exceptional journey of living a fulfilled life.

Available: On Amazon - CLICK HERE!

About Ifeoma Samuel: Ifeoma is a Christian writer as well as a Sunday-School teacher, wife, and mother. She blogs at

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  1. Thank you friend. I am blessed to meet you and your sister Rebekah Neal.
    God Bless


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