Friday, June 19, 2015

So I Finished the Rough Draft... What's Next?

Those of you who don't use Facebook may not be aware of the joy-filled announcement I made last Saturday evening regarding the sequel to The Fragrance of Geraniums. Namely, this:


God has been so gracious to me - I originally thought that this sequel would be more of a stand-alone companion novella, not a novel in-and-of-itself. But then He poured ideas into my brain, and the outline became longer and more detailed, twisting itself like morning glories vining their way around a trellis. :-) I'm a thankful lady. Thankful to the Lord God for the story ideas and themes, and thankful to you folks who read The Fragrance of Geraniums and asked for a sequel. :-) To you, for your encouragement and prayers - and to the Lord for answering prayer.

So, of course, what's next for this sequel? :-)

1. I am roughly editing this draft before passing it along to the small circle of brutally-honest readers who will tell me their honest opinions and where they believe the novel could be improved. :-) I'm almost finished with the rough-editing, so I should be able to pass this draft along to them within the next week. 

2. While they read, I'll be working on the cover for the sequel with my cover designer. If you have a mind to, I'd love for you to pray that we find just the right images for this novel! I'll also work on the blurb during this time.

3. With the remarks of those early critiquers in mind, I'll return to editing the draft, polishing it until it shines the best it possibly can for you.

4. More editing and proofing. Sending it to my proofreaders here, too. :-)

5. Read-throughs and more corrections.

6. Formatting for paperback and e-book.

7. Release! :-)

Lots of work ahead, but again, I'm so glad to have finished this draft - so excited to share with YOU more of the Picoletti-Giorgi-Kinner story.

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!

Grace and peace,

P.S. FOR THOSE OF YOU ASKING ABOUT THE TITLE: Yes, the sequel does have a title - sort of! :-) Just this past week, I thought of changing one single word in the title. I'm asking for opinions... and will return with my final decision! :-) Thanks for being so patient!

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