Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Intended Audience for All Our Empty Places / A Time of Grace Trilogy

Just popping in here to answer a couple of questions that have come my way, pre-release!

Who is the intended audience for All Our Empty Places?

All Our Empty Places (actually, the whole trilogy) is intended to be women's fiction. Now, having 
said that, I know that there are men who do read the A Time of Grace books (and I'm glad for it!). The themes in the books are often universal for Christians, regardless of gender. But, when reading, remember that they are written with women and women's issues in mind.

What age is "old enough" to read the All Our Empty Places?

This question usually comes from mamas who want to know if the trilogy is good for their young daughter to read. My short answer is: This is realistic, Christ-centered fiction intended for women who want to see how the grace of God can transform lives, from the inside-out. The trilogy deals - in a Gospel-driven, redemptive manner - with very real-life issues in 1930s New England. In particular, All Our Empty Places portrays both a serious courting relationship (through the characters of Grace and Paulie) as well as a sometimes-troubled marriage relationship (through the characters of Sarah and Sam). Other issues include: unbelieving family members, poverty, and dealing with memories of past abuse/neglect.

So, I would say that the novel, while intended for adult women, may also be read beneficially by older teens. Any age younger than that is up to your own discretion -- You know your own children; different people are ready for things at different times. :-) 

If you have any other questions or would to hear a little more about the two I addressed above, please feel free to e-mail me at aliciagraceroque (at) gmail (dot) com -- or by using the contact form at the right side of this blog. :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday of worship! I'll "see" you on Monday.

Grace and peace,

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