Friday, November 6, 2015

First Friday: November 2015

What a month of activity October was! :-) From helping my dear sister and her family move halfway across the country to finishing up the launch of All Our Empty Places, October fairly bulged with hustle-and-bustle. But here I am, in one piece :-) -- and looking forward to what this new month holds.

What am I looking forward to in November? 
What am I doing now?

Scents: The new sharpness in the air as the last leaves drift from the trees / the smell of roasting turkey and pumpkin pie / the dusty odor of the earth as we finish tucking our gardens and yard to bed for the winter.
Sounds: The late fall rains against the window panes / the melodies of hymns our family sings at Thanksgiving / the happy laugh of the robin when he lands in our bare crab-apple tree
Sights: The joyful, well-loved faces around our holiday table / filled boxes for Operation Christmas Child (click to find out more) / the clear skies of a late autumn night

Bible: I'm reading the Book of Judges - written so long ago, yet with messages so pertinent to my life today.
Books: I'm still reading Gold by Moonlight (taking my time to mine it well) and am also reading Living Water by Brother Yun, a Chinese house-church pastor and survivor of intense persecution. His book is truly excellent - Every Christian should read it. Expect to hear more about this one soon. :-)
Writing: I finished up the main work for "the pug book" -- Some of you may remember that I ran into severe formatting issues last year with it and never finished it. Well, I decided to try again :-) and am happy to say that this little fun read-aloud about a pug who *thought* that he was useless should be ready for release within a few weeks, Lord willin' and the crick don't rise. :-)
I'm also working with intensity on A Time of Grace Book 3. If I come to your mind, would you keep my writing on this one in your prayers? Thank you! <3

What are you looking forward to, friends? :-)

Grace and peace through Him who died for us,


  1. Loved reading this update! And I'm excited for you that "The Pug Book" is coming along again! I hope it continues to go well!! :)

    I'm looking forward to...snow, and the third "A Time of Grace" book! :D

    1. Oh, the snow! <3 Thanks for your encouragement with the writing! :-) I should have a good update on the third book pretty soon, Lord willin' and the crick don't rise!


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