Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Release Day! Mr. Portly Finds His Purpose

“Come on, Mr. Portly,” the Lady said. “You can do it!”
“Can I?” he thought glumly. “Aren’t Pugs Useless, after all?”

Many of you have been waiting for this day for some time! Thanks for being patient with me and for cheering me on as I navigated the tricky (for me!) waters of children's book formatting. What a true delight it is to present to you this new title today!

When Miss Cat-Next-Door informs Mr. Portly the Pug that he is Useless, Mr. Portly is heartbroken. He decides to find out for himself whether or not the Cat is telling the truth...and discovers that everyone - even the most seemingly-useless among us - has worth.
A sweet and encouraging read-aloud story for children, the childlike, and all pug-lovers!
This book is available in paperback only, and it is currently available exclusively through Amazon. My hope is that sharing and reading it with your children or grandchildren will bless you with sarcasm-free, humorous enjoyment that also encourages each of us to be thankful for the worth God with which our Creator has endowed us. :-) 

Find MR. PORTLY FINDS HIS PURPOSE here (clickable link):

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Grace and peace,

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