Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book Review: In the Shadow of Thy Wings by A.M. Heath

Literarily-speaking (if that's a word!), I live in dread and anticipation of sequels to books I love. Do you? :-)

For me, my dread stems from my fear that the second book will - just - not live up to the first. And my anticipation finds its root in my hope that maybe - just *maybe* - the sequel will live up to the high standard set by its predecessor.

So, last spring, when my friend and fellow indie-author A.M. Heath mentioned that she was nearly done with writing the sequel to Where Can I Flee? - which was such a lovely, redemption-saturated Civil War novel - my heart both quaked and leaped. Could the sequel, entitled In the Shadow of Thy Wings, measure up to the heart-expanding Where Can I Flee? I hoped so.

Then, when A.M. asked me to join her beta-reading team, I was able to read In the Shadow of Thy Wings early. And, friends, I admit it: I was wrong to hope.

To merely hope, I mean. ;-)

In the Shadow of Thy Wings exceeds Where Can I Flee? If that's possible. :-) Now when I recommend the Ancient Words series (which will have a total of 5 books altogether, eventually) - I'm starting to say, "Where Can I Flee is excellent - but wait until you get to In the Shadow of Thy Wings!"

This eloquent sequel continues the story of the Harper and Chandler families, two southern households with young men fighting in the Civil War and young women who have stayed behind, yet are intricately involved in the war effort. A.M. Heath brings us readers along with her well-rounded characters as they struggle not only with their flesh-and-blood enemies, but also with their consciences, with the Scriptures, and with family relationships and friendships as the Civil War commences on it blood-soaked final leg.

As a Christian reader, I particularly appreciate the way this author puts the relationship of her characters with the Lord Jesus at the center - and does it in a natural, easy-as-breathing manner. This is not a "preachy" book - and yet the Gospel pulses from its every page. And this is no weak-kneed, warm-and-fuzzy Gospel; it is the strong, muscular kind that lives and fights and sees clearly that our battle is not against the things that are seen. You may not always agree with the choices her characters make, but A.M. will make you think hard - will force you to search your heart - about why you disagree. This sort of fiction encourages and exhorts and urges us to live a more holy life, while at the same time drawing us irresistibly into the story-world of 1860s Maple Grove, with all its intrigue, danger, and sweetly sacrificial love.

Today is the release day for In the Shadow of Thy Wings! It's available on Amazon HERE (clickable), and I encourage you to get a copy for yourself or for a historical-fiction lover you know. 

You'll want to learn more about the Ancient Words series and its truthful and gracious author. From 12/8 to 12/10, A.M. Heath is hosting a Facebook release party for In the Shadow of Thy Wings, and she'd love to have you join her. There will be prizes (Did someone say "giveaway"?;-)), lots of bookish chit-chat, and fun. Here's the link to join in - Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like! CLICK HERE to check out the FB party.

You can find out more about A.M. Heath and connect with her - 
On her website: CLICK HERE
On her author Facebook page: CLICK HERE
On Pinterest: CLICK HERE

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation and was under no obligation whatsoever to provide a positive review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.*


  1. My heart is so full!! Thank you so much for the warm words!
    Now we both sit here together again, trying to out do another great book. :)

    1. So glad that your release day/week is going so well! :-) It's a joy to feature this series - hoping that many people will be blessed by it.

  2. These look like wonderful books! Thanks for the review!


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