Friday, December 4, 2015

First Friday: December 2015

Well, December has certainly arrived here in New England!!! :-) We don't turn the heat on upstairs in our house until *we absolutely have to* -- so I am sitting here writing to you all well-wrapped against the cold, a bit like Jo March:
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The advantage that I have over Miss March, warmth-wise, is that I have a pug, whose purpose is To Keep Others Warm. ;-)

Now, in this wonderful month of the Child-Child's birth, let me share a bit of what I'm up to with you, friends. It is, after all, the First Friday of December. :-)

In December, I'm looking forward to...

  • The fresh, cold scent of new-cut pine
  • The taste of warm sugar cookies, pulled just-now from the oven
  • The feeling of frozen feet gradually gaining warmth from an old pair of Irish stepdancing socks
  • The sight of the first *real* snow -- We can hope for a white Christmas, no?
  • The sound of my family's exaggerated "ooh"s and "ahh"s at the Christmas tree's first lighting

And right now, I'm currently...
  • Reading (fiction) - Francine Rivers' A Voice in the Wind - So far, I am loving it!
  • Reading (nonfiction) - John Piper's When the Darkness Will Not Lift - Good thus far. Will be beginning Eric Ludy's Wrestling Prayer soon, which comes highly recommended from both my mama and my husband.
  • Reading (in Scripture) - 1st Peter - I'm trying a new kind of Bible journaling/study pattern and perhaps will share how I like it in the weeks ahead. :-)
  • Writing - Book Three in A Time of Grace! Please pray for perseverance for me. :-) (You can check to see my progress in the little word-count meter on the side-bar here.)
  • Thankful to the Lord for - the wonderful way in which "the pug book" has been received; the joy of having kindred spirits in my sisters and Mama; and the way in which the Lord from on high descended to earth, bringing - *being* the Great Gift to each of us. 
  • And pinning this: 
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What are you anticipating, reading, or doing this month of Advent, friends? :-)

Grace and peace,

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