Friday, May 1, 2015

First Friday: May 2015

This post is part of a once-a-month series on A Brighter Destiny. Each "First Friday," I'll glance over my mental list for that month and reveal to you some of the things to which I'm looking forward this month - both writerly and more personally.


As a side note: Spring seems to be flying by, doesn't it? 

What I'm thankful for: The way our God is ever patient with His children.
2014's lilacs, obtained from an obliging graveyard!

What I'm anticipating in nature: The lilacs blooming so very soon! :-) They're my favorite spring flower - except for crab-apple blossoms, but those are so short-lived. (sigh)

For those of you who are wondering what crab-apple blossoms look like, here they are! :-)

What I'm writing: I've nearly finished the sequel to The Fragrance of Geraniums! Excitement to share this one with you all is making my lips turn up into a grin every time I think of it! :-) Right now, I can see the end in sight and believe that the rough draft will be complete by early next week. Then, while my first readers utilize their red pens on that, I'll work on outlining and writing the next Jemima Sudbury book. :-) Thanks to those of you who have waited for book 2 so patiently! :-)

What I'm reading {fiction}: Right now, I'm almost done with Beverly Lewis's The River. So far, it's been excellent, and I'm hoping to get a review up when I finish it. Definitely, I'll put one up on Goodreads; if you're not following my reviews and you wish to, here's the link - Click here. After I finish The River, I should revisit my TBR list and start checking some off!

What I'm reading {non-fiction}: Still some research materials for the sequel to The Fragrance of Geraniums, plus I'll be picking up some more for the next Jemima Sudbury book. 

What I'm reading {devotions}: I just finished the Book of Isaiah today {perfect timing!} and believe that I'll be starting a New Testament book tomorrow. I'm also continuing with Oswald Chambers's My Utmost for His Highest.

What I'm baking: Wait! Before I tell you what I'm going to make this month, can I show a picture of the Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake from Easter? Pretty-please? :-) Alright, if you insist! ;-) If anyone would like to make it, I found the recipe here: click here.

Due to the enormous number of birthdays in our family in the spring (no complaints!), I'll be making another cake this weekend - blueberry-lemon... Oh, I am so excited!!! :-)

What events I'm looking forward to: My brother-in-law's seminary graduation, a nephew's birthday, Mother's Day, of course, and the true arrival of flip-flop season (shh... don't tell, but I've been wearing them since the end of March).

What I'm pinning: Lots and lots to my "Sequel to the Fragrance of Geraniums" board! Take a peek (clickable)!

How about you? What are you thankful for this past month, and what are you looking forward to in the month ahead? I'd love to know! :-) And thanks to each of you who lift up my writing - and me - to our Heavenly Father.

Grace and peace,


  1. My dear Alicia, I am thankful for everything including you. You need to see the work you designed in print copy! Yep!
    I eventually printed for South African readers. I Was able to do a book reading and signing too. Lots of people wanted to know who designed my book!
    I am glad you did. Thank you for being there.
    Cant wait for your next book. Let me know when it's ready for publicity. OK?

    1. Oh, I'm so glad that you were able to use it for your printed copies as well, Ifeoma - It was an honor to be involved with your project! :-) And it's such a blessing to know that your book is going forth and being used by the Lord to draw people's hearts closer to Him.

  2. I'm thankful for the fresh air =) And I'm looking forward to my new nephew (still not here yet! Any time/day..) =)
    Lovely post!

    1. Yes, the spring air is delightful over here, too - though we get a salty scent mixed into it! :-) That's so exciting to have a new little one coming to join the family - such a blessing from God.


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