Friday, May 8, 2015

If You Were a 16-year-old Girl in 1935...

I'm getting more and more excited about sharing with you all the sequel to The Fragrance of Geraniums. :-) One of my favorite parts of writing historical fiction is - you guessed it - the everyday-type of history, and I've loved learning the tidbits of day-to-day living for a lower-class family in 1930s Rhode Island.

Now, if YOU were an adolescent in 1935...

You'd wear:

You'd read:
{Nancy Drew}

You'd put this in your hair:
{finger waves}

You'd have this for supper:
{fried potatoes & hot dogs}

Your little sibling might sleep here:

Your classroom experience might look like this:

Maybe you'd have an after-school job as an oyster-shucker:

You'd think he was the cat's pajamas:
{Cary Grant}

You'd want to look like:
{Loretta Young}
I'm looking forward to bringing you exciting news about the sequel to The Fragrance of Geraniums sometime next week. :-D. If you'd like to be among the first to hear the tidings, you might wish to sign up for my newsletter {upper right-hand corner}.

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*All images from my Pinterest boards. Please refer to them for resource information/citations. :-)


  1. Yay, loved this!! I finished "The Fragrance of Geraniums" yesterday, and will have my review posted God-willing, Sunday. :)

    1. Things like this are fun to compile. :-) I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the first book.

  2. I love this post, and I love everything about this era. My father was born in 1919, so he would have been 16 at this time! I love so many things about the early 1900's to 1950's. I was born in 1956 but I have a fascination for things before my time. Thank you so much for sharing. And the music you have playing is beautiful!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Linda! I love this era, too - Growing up listening to stories of it from my older family members has been a special delight for me. :-) Thanks for visiting me here.


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